Why Waste Time on Backlinks to Your Blog? Are They a Good thing? Or Bad?

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You know, I just joined a couple of Blogging Facebook groups that have a ton of new bloggers that are trying to find their way to making money blogging.

It can really be discouraging and frustrating when you are just starting out.

It is time consuming.

You have to decide what to write about.

You have to pick the right keywords for effective SEO.

You have to create a beautiful looking graphic that looks good on Facebook and Pinterest.

You have to draft a catchy title to make people even want to click on your article.

THEN…you hear all of this talk about getting backlinks to your blog post in order for Google to show your blog some love.

How Exhausting Is That?

That is why I was so relieved to read this new post from Kyle, the co-founder at Wealthy Affiliate.

He lays it out plain and simple that we should always focus on great CONTENT first. That is fail-safe when it comes to Google’s frequent animal updates like Panda and Penguin, etc. Bloggers have lost their good rankings overnight in the past when these updates are released if their content isn’t their main priority.

Getting backlinks is time consuming when done the right way like guest posting and link-up parties. I won’t even mention the paid ways to get backlinks because that usually always seems to backfire so don’t even try it.

My heart goes out to these new bloggers that spend so much time focusing on getting “mentions” on other peoples blogs. Yes it may drive a little traffic, but it isn’t a long-term solution for your business. Great content will always win!

Click here to find out what you should be focusing on to make sure your blog or website is successful.

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Are backlinks required? Do you need them for your business, will you benefit from backlinks?

The answer to all of these is NO.

So what should you focus on?

These 6 things should be your main focus for growing your blog.






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