Why a Standing Office Desk Might Be Right For You

Have you seen these standing office desks?

Although not directly related to online business, your health is extremely important. Unfortunately, most of us who work online and work at home often sit down for large portions of the day.

Although I have four daughters who I have at home all day with me, I catch myself in between sitting at my office desk working on my computer and sitting in the floor playing with my little ones. I also homeschool my oldest two daughters and as I am teaching lessons, you guessed it….I am sitting down.

As I write this, I’m realizing now how much I could really use a standing desk.

To be honest, I didn’t even know this type of thing existed until a friend posted online some pictures of her new standing desk!

There are a huge number of risks of sitting down too much, as reported by Just Stand.org, including:

  • A higher risk of dying sooner from any cause.
  • An increased risk of cardiovascular disease.
  • Negative effects on the metabolic system.
  • Difficult to reverse even if you exercise regularly.

This is why you should consider buying a standing desk. That way, even though you need to be at your desk for large periods of time, you can help combat the effects of sitting down all day.

For those of us who may have back problems (I do after having 4 babies!), a good mat for under our feet will be a MUST HAVE if we utilize a standing desk.


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You should also incorporate regular exercise into your daily routine. Even if you think you?re ?too busy?, remember that getting away from your computer to exercise will actually help you to be more productive when you get back.

Be sure and take a break every hour. Take a quick walk to the kitchen. Put in a new load of laundry. Read a book to your toddler.

These fifteen minute breaks of activity will make a world of difference in your physical health.

So go look at some standing office desks and see if this might be right for you!

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4 thoughts on “Why a Standing Office Desk Might Be Right For You”

  1. As a mom that works from home, I too find myself sitting for extended hours. When I worked in an office I was up and down most of the day. At home, with less distractions and no one to take anything to, I will sit for hours on end before I even realize how much time has passed. I really like the idea of the adjustable desk that you can use for sitting and standing as pictured in your article.

    • I know. Time can slip away and before you know it, we have been sitting down all day working from home. The standing desk at least helps us get out of the office chair awhile.

  2. I’ve actually thought of this in the past. I used to do software development work and would find that I sat for up to 10 hours a day. Even though I do at least 4 10km walks a week I still developed a thrombosis in my leg (not a deep vein one but it is a small lump that then presses on nerves and makes my leg feel sleepy) was advised that if I am working in an office to walk around every half an hour (which is pretty difficult to do sometimes). I thought though one if these desks might be good for home when I am using my laptop (when on the pc I have to sit to use my pen tablet easier though)

    • I am actually trying to choose which standing desk to buy right now as we are moving to a rental house next week and the desk I have been currently using is built-in in our home. I’m excited about trying a standing desk because I do sit way too much and do not get enough exercise.


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