Do you have a Business Plan? Let Me Tell You Why You Need One

I know, doesn?t sound like much fun right? It is a bit tedious and takes some dedicated time. You may even think it isn?t really needed. BUT you are WRONG.?

Your business will not reach its full potential if you don?t know where you are headed. You need to have your business goals written down so you can see where you are headed and how far you have come.

Watch this short video clip I made for you to explain exactly why a written business plan is SO IMPORTANT.


This has been a brief overview. ?If you need more help with your business plan, doing a quick search on the Internet will bring up several ideas and templates to use. There are plenty of real life examples available. Here are a few resources to get you started:

SBA Business Plan Webinar ? 8 Part Video

FREE Small Business Planning Templates

SBA?s Business Plan Tool ? Step by Step guide that walks you through it

Remember, if you are truly determined to build a successful business then you MUST have a business plan written and in place to help you measure that success.

Do you have a business plan in writing? ?Let me know in the comment section below.

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