Create a Challenge to Build Your Essential Oil Business


With the start of each New Year you see a plethora of challenges bombard your social media and the internet.

There are exercise challenges that encourage you to do a certain exercise everyday for 30 days, gradually increasing the amount you do each day.

There are challenges for those wishing to change their diets. These challenges often include removing specific foods or adding more nutritional foods to help you with your weight-loss goals.

Then there are the saving money challenges that have you boost your savings by saving a little bit each week. At the end of the challenge, you have results you can actually measure if you were faithful to it.


Take These Same Principals and Apply Them To Your Essential Oil Business


Each of the above challenges has a specific goal they want to achieve (fitness, a healthier lifestyle, or a bigger savings account). They then break that bigger goal into a specific action that can be done and measured daily or weekly. Lastly, they set a period of time for the challenge, and measure their results at the end of that time.

So the big picture is:

  • Set a goal
  • Break that goal into smaller, achievable pieces
  • Get to work on those daily items
  • Measure your results

Nothing happens without focus. Don’t try to do everything at once. Take it one step at a time.” --Dave Ramsey

So your first step in creating a challenge is think of some goals for your business and write them down. Next, choose one goal to focus on and set an amount of time to work on it. Look at how you can break the goal down into specific daily actions. Then get to work! Finally, at the end of the set time, evaluate your results.

Now let’s take some time to get specific. I realize most everyone will have different goals, so I will try to hit on several different ideas for no matter where you are at in your essential oil business or other network marketing business.

So consider this our little brainstorming session, and feel free to comment with other ideas and strategies.


Business Goals for Newbies Starting an Essential Oil Business

If you are just starting out your essential oil business here are some ideas of goals to set:

I will familiarize myself with my company’s products. With essential oils there is a ton to learn! So a good daily goal would be to read and research one or two oils each day. Take notes and write about it in your own words. This may come in handy later if you decide to start a blogging website. At the end of the month you should now be more familiar with your products and ready to share that information. This challenge could easily be paired with another, but it really is essential that you know about your products before you market them, and this is true for any industry.

Host a party with your up line and host your first party within a month. This is obviously a one time goal, but even it can be broken down into pieces. Set a time and a place for your party. Invite your family and friends. Have the party. By doing this you can see what is required from a host, since this is something you will be wanting people to do. You can watch and learn from your up line, especially with the stricter standards on how you can market oils now. This also will create a customer base, and possibly even add some people to your downline. Take what you learned from being a host and watching your up line in action and then set up your first party with someone else.

• I will share about essential oils with one person a day. Is a co-worker sharing with you about their lack of energy? Share what you diffuse when you need a pick-me-up. If someone posts on Facebook about essential oils, share how they have benefited your family. Be careful in how you share because there are now guidelines about what you can and cannot claim regarding essential oils. Make understanding those guidelines part of your challenge.

Essential Oil Business Goals for Growth

Has your field of friends and your friend’s friends run dry? Is your local market already saturated with other sellers? Or maybe you are interested in sharing the benefits of essential oils, but your personal circumstances don’t allow you to build your business through in-home parties.

Below are some good challenges for you to grow your business:

• I will build a blog that covers essential oils. Write one article a day. This is where that prior research can come in handy. At the end of one month, you will have some solid content built on your blog. Do some research on good blogging practices. Learn from what has and has not worked for others.

• I will set up a Facebook page to educate others about essential oils and promote my business. Just like the blogging, make a goal to post something daily. Get double benefit from your time by doing both, and promote your personal blog on your Facebook page. Link to Facebook product

• I will set up a Pinterest account for my business. Pin content valuable to your boards daily. You could create boards for Oil Blends and Recipes, Oils for Cleaning your Home, Product Information, etc.

• All 3 of the above goals are really about establishing an online presence. Once your online presence is built, you will want to invite others to engage in that content. Not all of the content has to be your own, but it should be relevant to your customer base. Think of your customer’s needs when building your content, rather than your own need to make a sale. All of these steps will build up your trustworthiness on the online marketplace. Now that you have an online presence you should set goals that help drive potential customers to your content. Set a goal of building a solid email list through landing pages. Learn about a different way to advertise each day, and then choose to put 2 or 3 of those methods to work for you.

Stay Legal and Help Others

Do you already have an established and profitable essential oil business? Great!

But even you can set challenges to help your business grow and stay legal:

• Due to FDA regulations there have been several changes to what can and cannot be said regarding essential oils. Make yourself familiar with the new regulations. Set a challenge to make all your information compliant within a month. Check your presentation materials, blog, and social media sites to make sure all the information is presented the right way.

• Help others build their business. Do you have several members in your downline? How many of them are just in it for the discount, and how many would potentially like to build a business? Set a challenge to have contact with at least one downline member daily. Get to know them and help encourage them to reach their goals. By helping them build their business you are helping yourself too!

• Think beyond your downline. Challenge yourself to create some form of training that you could market, as well as the essential oils. You could write an E-book or create some video training. By doing this you can sell your expertise, not just essential oils.

This Is By No Means an Exhaustive List

You know your situation, your customers, and your goals. Take some time to evaluate all those things and set up a challenge that will work for your business.

Encourage others to join you to help build community and accountability. But most importantly get to work building the daily habits needed to help your business grow. Then measure how your business grew and start the process over again!

Share your goals below! I would love to hear them!

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