Can I file my own business taxes by myself? 

By  Kimberly

Businesses and self-employed taxpayers have many options for filing their taxes.

Filing taxes doesn’t have to be time-consuming. The IRS wants it to be as easy as possible for taxpayers so that they can pay their taxes on time. For business owners and self-employed individuals, e-filing (otherwise known as electronic filing) makes the task simple and efficient.

e-File Options

The various e-file options are on the IRS site. First, you must know under what business entity you will file. Are you filing as a partnership, LLC, S-corporation or another business entity? Each type calls for its own forms.

The IRS e-file forms can all be filled out online. To make the process easier:

  • Gather all the necessary materials to e-file before you sit down at the computer. This includes your corporate EIN or taxpayer EIN, income statements and other financial information.
  • Make sure you have a secure Internet connection.
  • Create your accounts and security questions, if necessary.
  • Complete the forms.
  • Check them for accuracy.
  • Print a copy for your records.
  • If you feel the forms are complete, submit them online.

You will need to create an e-file account. These accounts are free and secure. The first time you use the IRS site, it will take an additional 10-15 minutes to set up your account. It’s a good idea to create a folder on your computer and for your paper-based records to store all of your e-file document copies and other pertinent information. Many companies only use this information quarterly, and it’s easy to forget it after a while, but having a file makes it simpler to remember account numbers and other identifying information.

It’s Free

There is no cost to file your tax information or Social Security or Medicare payments electronically. If you encounter a website that wants to charge you to complete this information, leave immediately. It’s either a phishing scam or an unnecessary expense!

Kimberly Bagley, CPA

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