4 Ways to Increase Essential Oil Sales by Building Relationships Online

This is Tip #2 of the 100+ Ways to Grow Your Essential Oil Business Blog Series.

Last time we talked about building your email marketing list to grow your business. The second great way to build your EO business relies on relationships.

Building a successful business, whether online or offline, is all about building relationships with others. Building relationships with your customers means that they will keep coming back to buy more from you.

And building relationships with other business owners means that they could just help you grow your customer base.


Yes, I am telling you to make your competitors your friends and I will explain why.

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If you want to improve these relationships, start making an effort to contact some of your customers and business contacts personally. Some ideas include:

  • Sending your top affiliates a birthday card
  • Emailing a top customer thanking them and asking if they have any product requests
  • Emailing a blogger who you admire and giving them your positive feedback
  • Network with business owners that are not in the Essential Oil Business

Let's break each of these 4 ways down to help  you understand how each of these relationship building tasks can increase your Essential Oil sales and help you make more money.

Send Your Essential Oil Affiliates a Birthday Card

What is an affiliate you ask? Well, let me explain.

For example, if you go to my affiliate page here you will find my affiliate program where you can sign up to sell any product I may offer and earn a commission off of each sale you refer. This is really a great way to grow your business. You basically have an online sales team working for you this way.

There are free programs you join that track which affiliates are sending you the customers and the affiliate program handles all the payouts so it really isn't any more work for you to keep up with at all. Here are some affiliate programs you could use:

  1. JVZoo (this is the one I use)
  2. e-Junkie
  3. Clickbank

The most important thing you will need to have your own affiliate sales team, is a website. Don't be intimidated about that. Most people think that building a website is too hard and that you have to pay someone to build it for you which costs thousands of dollars.

Yes, you can pay someone to do it for you, buy I really encourage you to learn how to do it yourself. It will take some time, but this is your business and it is important that you have as much control as you can on how it is organized and run. You can actually learn how to build a website in under 30 seconds here.

Grant it, it will be a bare-bones site, but you will have one and then you can move on within the free training offered to tweak it the way you like it. I have built 4 different websites in the past year without any prior knowledge of how to do it. I am definitely not a techie person!

I learned it all at Wealthy Affiliate University. I encourage you to check it out if you are serious about your Essential Oil business.

So once you have your affiliate program and your affiliate sales team working for you, be sure and thank them with a birthday card on their birthday as well as provide them with the tools needed to make it as easy as possible for them to go out and drive sales to your essential oil products listed on your website.

Email Your Top Customers, Thank Them, and Ask If They Need Help

This is probably the easiest way to build better relationships. Email your current customers and also your friends. When was the last time you emailed someone just to say "Hi. How are you doing?" thankyou

Normally we text, or email about some event or issue we need solved right away. We very seldom write personal letters anymore in today's society. It's quite a shame if you ask me.

Consider your email a replacement for sending a nice card to someone. Add a pretty graphic to the top of your email and write a personal note to your customer or friend.

Ask how they are doing? If a holiday has passed, ask them what they did for the holidays. Ask a lot of questions about THEM and see if they respond. If people genuinely feel you care, they will respond.

Once you receive their response, decode it a bit and start a dialog about how you might can help them with one of your products. Only do this if it is a natural progression in the conversation. You don't want to come off as pushy.

Above all else, thank them for being your customer or friend. Give encouraging words to lift them up. Always have your contact information or website address and company name below your signature so that they are reminded that you are in business and easy to contact.

Email a Competing Blogger and Give Positive Feedback

I know this sounds a bit scary, but you won't believe how many stories I have read about joint ventures being so successful. Don't be afraid of the competition. Just the fact that you have competition is a great sign that the business you are in is HOT and in DEMAND.

Why not team up and both succeed?

Alice Seba explained it best in her article "Forget Competition...Make Them Your Friends Instead". She touches on the fact that our competitors are not the brick and mortar business down the street vying for our customers, but now we have the whole world wide web as our stomping ground to find more business so it is certainly big enough for all of us. There is no way we could dominate the population all by ourselves!

If you own your website and regularly blog, link to another essential oil blogger that you admire. Share her blog with your readers and send her an email through her Contact Us page letting her know that you linked to her blog and admire her work. This could open up some doors for you both to work together in the future on projects.

She might really like your blog and promote it to her readers as well. This will broaden your reach without any extra work on your part.

Network With Business Owners NOT in the Essential Oil Business

Think of any friends you have that are doctors, nurses, or even realtors. What about your own doctor or real estate agent? These professions deal with the public all day, every day and see hundreds of people in a month.

Here is a personal story for you. Hopefully not TMI, but here goes. After I had my last baby (Girl #4), I was having trouble producing enough milk and also was very tired as you can imagine all new mothers are with lack of sleep. She actually suggested some essential oils to use! I was kind of surprised because alot of doctors would just assume prescribe you something, but she didn't! Just imagine if she would have had a business card of a local essential oil representative I could call or a brochure about the symptoms I was dealing with that explained which essential oils would be helpful and how to apply them.

Nurses are a great contact to have. We all have friends that are nurses, don't we? My sister is a nurse and she and her co-workers use essential oils all the time for headaches, backaches, and other ailments to help them get through the day at their stressful jobs.

What about CPA firms?? What I would have given for a little bit of pick me up during the after lunch hour when you are trying to prepare the tenth tax return for the day and you just ate a big lunch. All you want is a nap right then. If I had ideas on what essential oils could help me wake up and get through the rest of the day, I would have bought it in a heartbeat!

Real estate agents see new people everyday when they are showing houses. Imagine how many stories they hear every day about people with illnesses or emotional problems. Arm them with your business card and educate them a little about how essential oils can help diabetes, arthritis, ADHD, and so much more. They could hand out your card to the people looking to buy a house in your town. They would probably appreciate the new contact and you could be their first new friend in a new town.

Results Are Guaranteed If You Apply At Least One Of These Methods

Yes, this is time consuming, but you can set a doable goal of just 2 emails per week. You’ll really notice the results!

Be consistent and plan out who you will contact each week. Two people really isn't a lot.

I would love to hear other ideas you might have tried in building relationships to grow your business. Tell me about it in the comment section below!


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